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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  June 30, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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take it with you. do you have a strange inheritance story you'd like to cher with share with us. send me an e-mail or go to our website. if you can't see the show, set the dvr, trish regan is in for lou dobbs. this is fox business. >> good evening, everyone, i'm trish regan in for lou dobbs tonight. we begin with breaking news out of washington and greece. greece missing deadline to hand over a nearly $2 billion payment to the international monetary fund in washington becoming the first developed country to do so. investors in a wait-and-see mode after greece in a desperate attempt asked for a third bailout from the eurozone and more time to renegotiate crippling debt. whether there is a dialogue depends on the bailout referendum happening on sunday. if the greeks vote no, proceedings likely begin for greece to leave the eurozone,
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abandon the euro and return to the drachma. greece making history. it becomes the first developed nation to default on loan payment to the imf. greece, you could say is now officially in a situation that could roil markets around the world including here at home. it has caused a ton of volatility on wall street this week. outslashing the country's rating, further into junk status, standard & poor's 500 did the same thing yesterday. fox news senior correspondent is in athens for us with the latest. >> reporter: as crowds gather in support of the european union, greece was entering uncharted financial territory. $18 billion eu bailout program was expiring after greece and the eu failed to reach an agreement on cuts and reforms. in a nearly $2 billion loan repayment to the imf was being missed. technically at least placing greece in default, close to bankruptcy and an exit from the
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euro. >> here to declare we want to stay in the eu. >> reporter: forcing them to close the atm's that nearly run dry and making a lot of people angry and scared. >> things are very bad, yes, very bad. >> you have to stand in line. >> to get our pension, yes. >> i have my work, i have my children, and i'm going about the future. >> reporter: the difficulties hitting the greek society crippled by years of austerity in cuts, growth down, unemployment up, shortages all around. concerns expressed by president obama today. >> it's very painful for the greek people and can have a significant affect on growth rates in europe. if europe's not growing, the way it needs to grow, that has an impact on us. >> reporter: the deteriorating conditions reportedly moving the government of prime minister alexis tsipras to talk with the eu in the last 24 hours about a last-minute deal.
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brussels made one offer, greece countered with another. still going forward, a yes-no referendum sunday whether or not to go with the european union's about the debt. fast turning into a high-stakes referendum on the eu itself. >> i can think of no example of the people who voluntarily decided to leave a developed world club and join the ranks of the underdeveloped, which is what will happen to greece if we vote no. >> reporter: late today foreign ministers turned down another request by greece to extend the eu bailout program and put off looking at a new greek debt proposal. on tuesday, german chancellor angela merkel said nothing new regarding greece would be considered and the chancellor tends to get her way on these things, trish. >> thank you very much, greg palkot. the financial future of another place closer to home is also in limbo tonight. officials are warning that the u.s. territory of puerto rico could head down greece's path if it is not allowed to declare
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bankruptcy. struggling with $72 billion in public debt and roughly $400 million bond payment is due tomorrow. a little good news. sources say puerto rico's struggling power utility and creditors are close to a deal to avoid a possible default on the payment. puerto rico cannot seek emergency funding from an institution because it is a u.s. territory. some economists are saying that leaves bankruptcy as the only financially sound option. we have a whole lot more coming up on the fallout from puerto rico and greece's debt troubles. i'm going to be joined by ronald reagan's former economic adviser art laffer. first another big story happening tonight, iran, the u.s. and other world powers giving themselves seven more days to seal the deal on a nuclear agreement with iran. both sides however are still warning that major obstacles remain and president obama today reiterated that he would
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walk away from a bad agreement. fox news chief washington correspondent james rosen has the latest from vienna. >> reporter: as secretary of state john kerry met with russia's foreign minister sergey lavrov in vienna, kerry's boss at the white house said it's going to be a problem if iran holds to the red lines the country's supreme leader laid out. >> i've said from the start, i will walk away from the negotiations if, in fact, it's a bad deal, and given past behavior on the part of iran, that can't simply be a declaration by iran and a few inspectors wandering around every once in a while. >> we believe a world which there is a deal with iran is much more likely to produce an evolution in iranian behavior than a world which there is no deal. >> reporter: refusal of to
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admit to any of the military sites would preclude the rigorous verification call mr. obama insisted upon. washington agrees inspectors should have managed access saying the entry point isn't we must be able to get into every military site because the united states of america wouldn't allow everybody to get into every military site. there are conventional military purposes, military secrets that every country has they're not willing to share with other people. returning to the negotiating table in vienna where he faced off with kerry he bristled if the trip viewed him to close a deal. >> i already have a mandate and i'm here to say i think we can. >> reporter: state department officials likened the weeklong conference to akin to extra
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innings in a baseball game. >> no one is under illusions or trying to race to that day as sort of got to have it by. if we can get a deal in two days, three days, we could get a keel on the seventh or no deal at all. >> reporter: state department officials maintained they are unconcerned with the ayatollah's red lines, casting his as a voice outside the negotiating room. president obama's comments reveal the ayatollah's new posture is a problem, and it's one the negotiators will now only have another seven days to overcome. trish? >> thank you so much, james rosen. we'll take up the issue with bob scales later on in the program. we have breaking news to get to. a senior obama administration official says the u.s. and cuba will announce the opening of new embassies in washington and havana tomorrow. the next major step in the
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president's unilateral of restoration of diplomatic ties with cuba. the administration removed cuba from list of countries that sponsor terrorism after a four-month review. president obama and secretary of state john kerry are now expected to announce the new embassies tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. in the rose garden. everyone turning to 2016 politics, the already crowded republican field expanding to 14 with new jersey governor chris christie's announcement he is running for president. christie declaring candidacy at alma mater livingston high school in new jersey. there, the governor vowed always to be truthful even in difficult times. >> i am not looking to be the most popular guy who looks in your eyes every day and try to figure out what you want to hear, say it and turn around and do something else. when i stand up on a stage like this in front of all of you, there is one thing you will know for sure, i mean what i say and i say what i mean and that's what america needs right
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now. >> christie didn't specifically call out his republican rivals but did hit the democratic front-runner hillary clinton. listen to this. >> after seven years of a weak and feckless foreign policy run by barack obama week better not turn it over to his second mate hillary clinton. >> christie enters the field as a long sought candidate. the latest news poll shows that he is in 11th place with just 2% support. a potential blow to organized labor. the supreme court today agreeing to hear a case on whether states can force public employees who are not members of a union to pay a share of union fees. at issue is a 19 court precedent that allows unions in 21 states to collect fair share frees all employees.
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led by justice samuel alito signaled they see such forced fees as unconstitutional because they require employees to support a cause that they may otherwise oppose. and the outcome could have a significant political impact because let's not forget unions have been very reliable supporters and fund-raisers for the democratic party. we're going to take up the case with the best attorneys in the business, joanna and wendy patrick are coming up later in this hour. stay tuned for that. we are learning more about the convicted killer david sweat and richard matt who eluded authorities. sweat and matt conducted a full practice run on the night before they disappeared. they actually popped the manhole cover and looked out. sweat is also talking and reportedly told police he and matt listened to news reports about the upstate new york manhunt on a transistor radio. the fbi is investigating whether the escapees were part
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of a possible heroin ring in the maximum-security prison they escaped from. three members of the clinton correctional facility executive team and nine staff employees have been placed on administrative leave. when we come back, we have a whole lot more, so stay with us. greece, a small country with big problems, but are those problems big enough to hurt our economic recovery. ronald reagan's former economic adviser art laffer will be here. and the weather making my school reunion's coming fast. could be bad. could be a blast. can't find a single thing to wear. will they be looking at my hair? won't be the same without you bro.
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. trish: president obama today unveiling a plan to expand the government's role in determining overtime pay. under the proposal, salaried workers who earn under less than $50,000 a year are automatically eligible, the administration argues that the proposal would strengthen the middle class but critics say this is going hurt job growth. the national retail federation slamming the proposal saying, quote --
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back to our breaking news out of greece, the imf confirming to us in the past hour that greece has missed a nearly $2 billion loan payment. joining me to discuss the impact on the u.s. and our global economy, art laffer, former member of president ronald reagan's economic advisory board and chairman of laffer associates. what does this mean for us here at home. why is this significant if greece in fact leaves the eurozone which many are predicting, might? >> it well might. this really is, to my waive thinking, and forgive me, this is the end of the socialist agenda of the last 20+ years, and frankly just like detroit, like chicago coming on, puerto rico, this is a sort of left wing redistribution of society gone crazy and it's time to stop. and greece is going to stop and it's going to come to the u.s. and we're going to have our
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elections in 2017, we're going to stop and we're going to get our hands back on the economy. and it's very exciting to me because they just can't keep bailing greece out forever, it makes no sense, and greece has to take care of itself like everyone else. trish: we talk about bailing greece out. what about puerto rico? news is they're not going to be able to pay the $72 billion in debt. may skate by with the $400 million loan payment due tomorrow. art, they exemplify the problems that we have on this side of things as well. >> i'm going to be just as exciting with puerto rico as i can. i did the tax code in 78 and 77. they had a tax rate that went up to 87.1%. we dropped that down to 50%. it was that example of puerto rico that i used with reagan to show how effective the
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pro-growth agenda of tax rate reductions and growth and getting rid of the social welfare need because you create jobs, output employment and growth, then cut the social welfare benefits, not to take them away from people who need them but take away the need for the programs for economic growth. trish: in other words, don't worry about spending, worry about growth, that side of the rate. >> get growth back first. tax cuts, then when the growth comes in take away the spending. greece has gone beyond that. trish: when you look at specifically a greece, they're talking about sort of the recipe of disaster for your books they want tax hikes. at the same time, you have the europeans saying no, no, you can't do tax hikes, we want you to cut spending. they're looking at austerity, potentially tax hikes. are they going to dig themselves into a deeper mess? >> they may. i don't think there's much
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deeper to go to be honest with you. have you heard of economies being taxed into prosperity? about as dumb a thing i can think of. if you tax people who work and pay people who don't work, don't be surprised if a lot of people choose not to work. that's exactly what happened with greece. it's gone full circle and the checks have come due and it's over. and i think it's a very good sign and the sooner this happens, the better. once we get back on a growth path, the world will be a lot better. if this is 1978, 79, 80 all over again, trish. the beginning of the new era. the "new york times" economics is gone. supply side economics, "wall street journal" economics is back. trish: it's not going to be pretty in between as we watch all of this unfold over the next few days. my thanks to you, always good to see you, art laffer. >> you still got to do the stuff to make it work in the long run.
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trish: be sure to vote in tonight's poll, do you agree with governor chris christie when he says we need a lot more straight talk from our political leaders. cast your vote at firefighters making slow progress against the fast moving sleepy hollow wildfire burning in washington state. the fire is now 10% contained. so far destroyed two dozen homes and burned 4,000 acres, gusting winds helping to spread rapidly before a rain shower helped firefighters control spread yesterday. like california, washington state is struggling with a severe drought. about one fifth of the state's rivers and streams are at record lose. up next, the kkk gets the green light to protest in south carolina. we're going to tell you what that's all about. new documents which show the justice department blasting the police response to the ferguson, missouri protest. we'll tell you what is in that report? those stories and much more coming up.
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. trish: a noon department draft from the justice department says police made a series of missteps. this is going to be the third of four justice department reports on ferguson. this one says that police responded with an uncoordinated effort and antagonized the crowds with military-style tactics, vague and arbitrary orders to keep protesters moving that violated rights to free speech. that cleared darren wilson of wrongdoing in the fatal shooting of michael brown. the ku klux klan cleared to hold a proconfederate flag rally at the south carolina state capitol. the budget and control board approved an application filed by the loyal white nights chapter of the kkk for july
11:26 pm
18th. the klan says it is expecting up to 200 people to attend. the move was not endorsed by governor nikki haley stating, quote, this is our state, and they are not welcome. the south carolina legislature will take up bills calling for the flag's removal when lawmakers return to columbia on july 6th. joining me bishop harry jackson, president of the high impact leadership coalition. bishop jackson, good to have you here. i got to say it is absolutely appalling what these people are doing, apauling that such a group like the kkk exists, and we know when the kkk is out there defending the confederate flag, we know what that's about. should they be stopped? >> we do. i think they should be stopped. i'm a first amendment rights person, i believe that everyone has the freedom to demonstrate. i question whether that should be allowed in the state's capitol. remember, this has been a
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tremendous week, the beginning of outpouring of love they believe is healing for the nation. i believe many americans are saying, hey, the america we want to be a part of is going to rise above the racial challenges that we face now, so i would love to see the state take positive steps forward and i think the confederate flag being banned would be a tiny symbolic step if followed by the steps of education reform, followed by economic development, followed by criminal justice reform, could ultimately be a model for healing in the nation. i'm against them demonstrating and it really shows that all of us haven't progressed all the way to a color blind society. if can i say it that way. >> you mentioned that the legislature is looking at potentially not allowing the flag to be flown there on the capitol. they're going to take that up
11:28 pm
when they resume work after the july 4th holiday. when you think about everything that that flag now represents, knowing how much it offends, and how much it demoralizes many, many people, doesn't the state government need to take it down? do you think they'll vote to take it down come july 6th? >> i think they will vote to take it down, and i think it's a long overdue gesture, the flag was originated really in the 60s as an anti-civil rights movement was symbolic actually of the kkk. that flag never flew over the confederacy, it was a war flag used in northern virginia. there are many reasons why this needs to happen now. again, symbolism is important in a nation that's been concerned about violence in urban america, it's good to see that people care, and i think it's going to be a part of a symbolic turn that we're going
11:29 pm
to make in america. trish: you're right, symbolism does matter, and that flag symbols a whole lot of bad stuff. let me turn right now, bishop jackson, to reverend pinckney's funeral. the president was praised by so many for his eulogy here. but we also heard him use the occasion to address gun control. let me ask you, do you think he's overpoliticizing the church shooting at this moment? >> i think he did a very good job. fantastic that first he showed up. first he showed the nation cares like the outpours of love by all the people. i think you take something away from the honored memory of a valiant christian and someone who's advancing reconciliation by politicizing it, when we know that there are going to be two different or three different sides on many of these issues. so i think that that was an
11:30 pm
overreach there, but i think that he showed himself to be a supporter of the ame church. he was in an atmosphere that so many people felt love and acceptance. so i think we should keep gun control off the table in these kind of discussions. i think it's inappropriate. but again, sometimes as a minister, the presence of significant people outweighs it all. so i think you will see more of this from president obama in his lame duck regime. he's going to do more that's inappropriate at times, and in this time, i think we should keep our eyes on celebrating unity instead of creating division. trish: thank you so much, good to have you here with me tonight. bishop harry jackson. >> thank you. >> the quotation of the night from pope john paul ii who said -- we're coming right back. stay with us.
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>> chris christie announces his presidential run in his straight talking style. >> i mean what i say and i say what i mean and that's what america needs right now. trish: does he have what it takes to go all the way? and ca
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. trish: i'm trish regan in for lou dobbs tonight. a look at the top stories. the deadline for greece to make a nearly $2 billion debt
11:35 pm
payment to the imf has come and known, and there's no payment. the company is technically in default. the first developed nation to miss a payment like this. despite all of that, stocks up on the street slightly, and we're getting new comments from st. louis fed president crossing, greek events should not affect fed policy decisions, mr. bullard is speaking at a summit he's it aing the september rate increase, quote, is still very much in play. we shall see. another deadline has come and gone for a nuclear deal with iran, but the united states has agreed to extend talks for another week. the white house said today that there will be no deal unless iran gives up all efforts to build a nuclear bomb. and he's being called king of the long shots. new jersey governor chris christie entered republican race for president. tipped as a leading contender among conservatives but now near the bottom of the polls. joining me to discuss this ever expanding republican
11:36 pm
presidential field, democratic strategist robert zimmerman and editor of the national review and fox news contributor rich lowry. rich, robert, good to have you here. my gosh, keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger, we're on 14 and it's not going to stop. let me ask you, do you think this is good for the process, rich? or do we run the risk that voters feel fatigued because it's one more candidate out there. >> i don't think so, it's as large, interesting and talented field on the republican side in memory. and oftentimes these things can get poisonous and the nominee can get scuffed up and hurt and can generate interest in the party. we saw this in the epic battle between hillary clinton and barack obama which was good for the democratic party because it generated so much interest ahead of the general election. i'm hoping that will be the dynamic here. >> what's not good for the republican party.
11:37 pm
we have a talented, diverse field. that's great. i hope more candidates get in and run. what's not good is the primary process is so heavily weighted towards the southern conservative religious coalition that it makes very difficult for a moderate conservative to emerge. have you people who are true conservatives like jeb bush, like john kasich or chris christie and they're considered too moderate for the field. after new hampshire, the next 25 contests, two are from the northeast, vermont and massachusetts, the rest of southern conservatives. trish: one of the risks in the primaries is candidates beat up on each other so much, it's damaging for the candidate who eventually wins. as we watch people like donald trump take to the stage, and we know donald trump is not afraid to throw punches at the other candidates, alongside him, does that do more damage in the long run, your thoughts, rich? >> lot of entertainment value here. people are going to love this
11:38 pm
fight with univision, republican voters. at the end of the day, he's not a terribly serious candidate. >> he's a hand grenade. that infects the entire playing field. let's just understand, rich, when you have candidates competing to be more extreme right wing than the other, you have the right hand where the extreme right hand doesn't know what it's doing. >> i'm like you, i'm prepared. trish: i also want to get to the idea that chris christie is out there today saying i don't need to be prom king we don't need to have everyone like us, it's a good message, a blunt message, he's saying i'm going to always tell you the truth. that's that. hasn't donald trump stolen the thunder, rich? he's like the king of blunt. >> he's not going to win the nomination, no matter how he's second in new hampshire now, no matter how high he is in the
11:39 pm
polls now, when it gets time to vote, i don't see people -- trish: second in new hampshire? imagine that. >> we've been through the polling process a long time. these polls are political viagra. they rise, they're artificial and come down fast. trish: he worked on that one, too. >> they're good, they're good. i should have worked harder in the green room. scribbled more notes to keep up. [ laughter ] . >> the point simply is the polling is not the problem for the republican. the bigger problem is you've got a republican party so desperate to play to the right thing when donald trump engages in a vulgar, hateful anti-hispanic diatribe, not one republican says it's wrong or mike huckabee or ben carson engage in anti-lgbt camps, no one speaks backup how indecent the conduct is. that's the real issue. >> look, trump is an entertainer at the end of the day. entertainers sometimes run for president. al sharpton ran for president
11:40 pm
on the democratic side. by the way, nbc is not firing al sharpton who has a record of hatred up there with anyone, and irresponsible comments up there with anyone. so parties can survive having flourid interesting figuring running for president. look the the top of the republican field, you have governors, senators, you have scott walker, marco rubio. >> if you think trump and sharpton are entertainment, you got to get out more. ultimately they are not entertainment, and you look at the role trump is playing, it's disruptive to the republican field. that's the challenge for them. >> i think the hope is at least in the interim, maybe it gets more people interested in politics because he's different, he's refreshing, we'll see. >> the one thing we both agree upon. you are rocking it on fox business. trish: thank you! it is wonderful to see both of you guys, i am absolutely thrilled to be here.
11:41 pm
thanks so much, robert zimmerman and rich lowry. donald trump is maria bartiromo's special guest at 7:00 a.m. right here on the fox business network. do not miss that. he's sure to say something. vote in tonight's poll everyone, do you agree with governor chris christie when he says we need more straight talk from political leaders, cast your vote at a british stunt driver setting a new guinness world record for the fastest mile on two wheels. check out this incredible video of stuntman terry grant as he tilts a nissan and begins driving on two wheels. grant completed the mile in 2 minutes and 10 seconds beating previous record by 45 seconds. he had to make wild turns and much of the mile is uphill. that's talent. all right, coming up next, authorities sound the alarm on potential terror attacks coming on the 4th of july, and suicide bombers target nato troops in afghanistan.
11:42 pm
we're going to take up the growing terror threat. stay with us.
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. trish: nato forces targeted by a suicide bomber in kabul. the taliban claiming responsibility for the attack
11:46 pm
which occurred near u.s. embassy killing multiafghan citizens. hours after the afghan president warned of growing violence and the emergence of the islamic state in the country. joining me to discuss the latest threat from the islamic state and the extension of iranian nuclear talk, we have retired major general robert scales, and a fox news military analyst. general scales, let me ask you good to have you here, how worried are you about a potential attack this holiday weekend? >> well, absolutely i'm worried as we should be concerned about it. but trish, the important lesson here is this is not about the 4th of july so much or ramadan. no, this is a long war. isis is winning. they're controlling the global narrative. they've expanded into the northern provinces of afghanistan, and what we face is not just episodic terrorist threats against the united states. we're essentially engaged in a
11:47 pm
world war against radical islamism. a war we're not winning and our allies are not willing to participate. and god forbid if isis is a sovereign state and gains the legit of sovereignty. the longer the united states waits to engage in it, the more difficult taking isis down will be. trish: do you worry this president is trying wait it out here? he's not sending in ground troops under his watch? >> yeah, you know, one of the things people talk about is that the administration doesn't have a strategy. well, no, actually, trish, they do. the strategy is to -- not to win but avoid losing and temporal book ends on it for another 18 months, and then to toss this problem off to the next administration and to hang on so that prior to the election there's no embarrassments, but any hoe, of
11:48 pm
strike at the center of gravity of isis, like retaking mosul or pushing isis out of the captured territory between now and the election is pure fantasy. trish: let's not forget, we're the ones that pulled out. we left iraq, should we have stayed there on the ground? could we have avoided the growth of isis if we had continued our presence in that region? >> i don't think there's any question. i haven't talked to any military leader who was there in 2010 and 2011, who didn't get the feeling that this was an incredibly bad idea. the united states was able to put a sort of hand on the shoulder of malaki, as soon as we pulled out the iraqi regime collapsed, generals were fired. the whole area went to sectarianism and to this day
11:49 pm
the iraqi army is down to what 40,000 effectives and totally unable to take on isis. trish: i'm guessing you are more for ground troops to be there, general? is that what it takes? >> that's a great question, and the short answer is at this stage, i don't know. i do know this, i know the only way we're going to beat isis is a long-term strategy that builds a coalition in the region that applies america's advantage which is firepower and does in fact decrease the number of troops as advisers and forward air controllers and the technical functions that the iraqis lack. here's the thing, trish, if the iraqis don't have the will to fight. if they don't have it in their gut to win this, you can put five american divisions in the country and it won't make a lick of difference. trish: all right, on that note. we're going to take a break. thank you for joining us tonight, major general bob scales. on wall street everyone, stocks closing higher despite greece's concern there.
11:50 pm
the dow up 23 points, the s&p up 5 and the nasdaq gaining 28 points. volume heavy here under 4 billion shares. markets closing out the quarter mixed. nasdaq gained nearly 2% for the second quarter. all right, a reminder to keep your eyes on the road if you are driving. surveillance cameras capturing a distracted driver in west palm beach florida. he smashed a barrier just as the drawbridge was opening up. he was looking at gps system, wasn't paying attention to the road ahead. fortunately no one was hurt. the driver did get a ticket, we are told for reckless driving. coming up next, we take what could be a serious financial blow to public sector unions and examine it. also donald trump's war with univision is getting nasty. ♪ (piano music) ♪ fresher dentures, for the best first impression.
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11:55 pm
prepared to run for the presidency and threatened to sue nbc after the decision to cancel miss usa and miss universe pageant. joining us whether or not he's got a case. do either of you think he's got a case? >> a shot? >> donald trump is the gift that keeps on giving. >> legally does he have a case? he filed under different grounds one is defamation and one is breach of contract. words matter both his words and the words of the contract. normally as lawyers we don't think of contract attorneys as the sexiest kind of law to practice but in this case that's what it's going to come down to. whether or not this is a breach of the contract or as univision is saying that it's not.
11:56 pm
>> he is making some rogue commentary, they have the right to pull it because his brand is associated with them. >> there could have been a termination clause somewhere in at that contract that would state that however, if you have a termination clause that's based on something so subjective that you need new lawyers. that would be a dumb clause to have there. and basically univision is saying, and nbc saying we were insulted by your comments. donald is saying here wait i have a first amendment, but univision and nbc are not the government, this is a strict breach of contract action unless there's a crazy clause that gives them the right to pull out because they didn't like what he says donald has a case. >> $500 million is nothing to sneeze at. this kind of money? >> that's what everybody is talking about. he's so out there in the public eye and really going to damage his reputation if they prove
11:57 pm
malice. and he's a public figure is it going to damage his reputation? maybe it enhances his reputation and maybe within the, you know the grun-- group he's attempting to woo, this is the donned never backpedals, never apologizes or minces word. >> he's on the attack. >> always on the attack and whether or not he backs down he never does doubles down not backs down. >> this is an expensive proposition how much money is going to be lost in revenue from sponsors and what have you because the pageant is not going to air? this might not be the last lawsuit. the venue itself is expecting to get some sort of revenue from airing it and they might have a lawsuit, too against nbc and donald and they co-own the pageant and don't forget
11:58 pm
macy's that more people-- >> if i was one of the contestants i'd be upset. going to be on nbc and the miss usa pageant and-- >> collateral damage and it could harm their career too. >> more lawsuits perhaps or damages. what do you think it means by the overall perception by the public public, people say that's him fighting back and that's who we want or is this another side show? >> that's splitting down party lines consistently the last couple of days and even within the g.o.p. there's different opinions what he did. is it going to hurt him? most of the candidates are trying to stay out of the fray but the ones that weighed in are on opposite sides of the debate. >> and you said the gift that keeps giving, this could be a lawsuit with you know a
11:59 pm
pageant where, you know the media can sell the images between trump and the beauty contestants my lord. >> we can't have a president that's going to back down and this is what donald trump doing what donald trump does. trish: thank you for being here. and do you think the fbi fourth of july terror warning? a look at a few of the comments, we're going through. and troy with us on facebook and forget nbc, trump could buy his own network. i think trump would probably say the same thing. and daniel posted bring back a president who loves his country, not one who is out to destroy it in every possible way. all right, everyone that's it for tonight's edition. thank you for joining me
12:00 am
general jack keane and i'm going to see you back here every day as i do on the intelligence report live at 2 p.m. eastern. governor pataki is my guest. then good night, everyone. ♪ >> hello, america, i'm jedediah bilah in for kennedy tonight. christie makes it official and trump is fired by nbc. there's one candidate's slogan that might make you shake your head. if you're headed to the beach this weekend, a shark expert lost his leg in an attack. the government versus parents' right. another mother let her children play alone in the park.


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